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Bellofram Silicones Adds to Sheeting Line New Type of Bellofoam 7804 Addresses Market Shortfalls

Newell, W.Va.—July 18, 2018—Bellofram Silicones is proud to introduce a new silicone sponge sheeting product designed to fill market shortfalls in sheets meeting MIL-R-46089 Grade M specifications. Bellofram Silicones BELLOFOAM™ 7804 is a lightweight, closed-cell silicone sponge sheeting material with medium density and deflection. It is ideal for applications requiring high heat and zero water absorption. Typical uses include gasket sealing for aerospace, aviation, automotive, and marine, as well as medical applications.

“We’ve seen a surge in requests for sheets meeting MIL-R-46089 Grade M specifications,” said Matthew Wingertsahn, operations manager. “We’ve added a variation of BELLOFOAM 7804 that meets that specification—as well as ASTM D 1056 2D3 and AMS3195.”

The new product is available now, bringing relief to a market in which silicone sponge sheeting with these specifications is in high demand. Added Wingertsahn, “This is our most popular extrusion and it is being put into sheets for the first time.”

Product is available in 36” x 36” sheets (914.4 mm x 914.4 mm), ranging in thickness from 0.125” to 2.00” (3.175 mm to 50.8 mm). To order, contact

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